Simple food, everything made in-house. Fresh every day.

Good food starts with good ingredients. For us, that means searching out and sourcing high-quality seafood from local sources. 

Tall Boy is a fish & chips, chowder and Northwest seafood cart, located downtown Portland, OR in the South park blocks in the middle of the Portland State University campus. Our days of operation are closely aligned to the university calendar, generally Mon - Fri 11am-5pm. Other times of the year you'll find us at Portland neighborhood street fairs and other community events - see our events page for a calendar.

We serve line-caught Alaskan wild cod, a special cabbage slaw with mango and a sweet chili sauce, as well as seasonal specials like clam chowder and our signature drink, the Tall Lemon - fresh squeezed, sparkling lemonade with mint & jalapeño.